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Artie Tobia - "It's Christmas Time"

Review by Abby Kenna

“It’s Christmas Time” is sort of like any good family movie: it has just as many elements to involve the adults as it does for the kids. The youngsters listening will sure to smile at the tiny elf voices that whistle and hum one of the choruses after Artie Tobia sings about them crafting the toys in Santa’s workshop. Simultaneously, the adults will feel a wave of nostalgia hearing lyrics about the kids’ “eyes as wide as saucers” and reading Santa’s note after he’s eaten the cookies. The nostalgia is tangible and accessible in “It’s Christmas Time” for all audiences.

“The elves are in the workshop, making lots of noise… whistling and singing while they’re making the toys….”

This cozy sense of familiarity is amplified through the subtle details Tobia adds to the recording, allowing “It’s Christmas Time” to build in energy naturally. Details like the literal “holiday cheer” that follows the subsequent lyric make it feel like we’re sitting around the Christmas tree with an acoustic guitar, having a family sing-a-long. Ad-libbed background vocals also add to this organic, heartwarming aspect. By the final chorus, with the hearty “ho-ho-ho’s” ringing out over the melody, it sounds like the whole family has joined in.

Although Tobia is sure to embrace the nostalgia factor of “It’s Christmas Time”, he also leans into his musicianship. The warmth of the acoustic guitar and the lightness of the brushed drum kit makes the perfect pair for this tune. The versatility of the instruments allows this song to be a family-friendly classic or perhaps a tipsy sing-along – whatever the listener prefers!

Artie Tobia is undoubtedly a master of the live music experience, crafting a holiday tune that captures the lighthearted, memory-rich feeling of Christmas while also writing a catchy earworm with “It’s Christmas Time.”


About Artie Tobia

Artie Tobia is a singer/songwriter and working musician who performs 200 nights a year (solo, duo, trio or with his full band) in a variety of spaces from small cafes to dedicated music venues and festivals.

Artie feels he has been blessed to be part of the musical community with the opportunity to serve music fans and make a difference with his songs.

A well-crafted storyteller, he can quickly capture the audience with ease and banter. His strong soulful voice allows him to deliver the right amount of emotion to drive a song straight to the listener's heart. BB King’s Blues Club NYC had this to say about him upon his return performance to the storied venue. “You can’t fake a voice like Artie Tobia’s — it’s something you have to earn. Every note, like every lyric, rings with a hard-lived authenticity that, even during this so-called explosion of “roots rock/ Americana, is in very short supply.” His voice turns people around in their chairs and gets them on their feet.

As an established original recording artist whose influences are readily present in his own catalog of over 100 songs. He has made a career of honoring those before him, with a versatility in his own style, which he has adopted from so many singer/songwriters before him.

Tobia has released five full-length albums of his own original music, as well as an original Christmas single, "It’s Christmas Time." His last two albums gained recognition and positive reviews, climbing onto national radio charts with Aberdeen (2015) #13 on AAA/AMA APD Chart and #15 on the FAR Chart and Driven (2019) #2 on APD Americana Album Chart. His pre single release Phoenix, hit #16 on APD/AMA chart. He is currently working on two new albums slated for release in 2023.

Demonstrating a versatility to navigate varied genres and connect with his audience, Tobia has shared the stage with; Poco, Richie Kotzen, Blue Öyster Cult, Dr. John, Jefferson Starship, Kansas, Tanya Tucker, The Subdudes, David Cook, Chip Taylor and Kenny Wayne Shepherd as well as others.


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