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Anna Renae - 'Speaking Her Mind'

Review by Abby Kenna & Staff

Anna Renae’s new song “Speaking Her Mind” is a coming-of-age story full of empathy, determination, and growth.

“Speaking Her Mind” opens with a clean, introspective guitar pattern, laying down the foundation for the song’s compelling and flowing feel. Anna Renae dances around a light melody that gracefully compliments the pulse of the guitar, landing on poised on bell-like notes. The drums are tastefully supportive, growing with the ebb and flow of Renae’s lyrical and vocal emotion, yet never overpowering the song with percussion. This careful balance of instrumentals allows each element of the song to truly work in harmony, as the elegant lyricism, artful melody writing, and lithe arrangement leave space for one another.

Renae guides us through a vignette-type story, giving listeners a glimpse into a moment of being a teenager again, and the social anxiety that inevitably comes with that age. The poetic candor of her lyricism is reminiscent of early Taylor Swift, infused with that youthful, yet grounded vulnerability that feels so nostalgic:

“You sleep alone again

Wrapped in your insecurities

Enveloped in your own words

That you so long to speak…”

The instrumental buildup of “Speaking Her Mind” unfolds parallel to the emotional surge of the story’s character, beginning with some reservation and hesitancy, but eventually swelling with newfound confidence and color. Anna Renae’s embraces this impassioned journey in her vocal delivery as well. She holds her tone low and level within the verses, reflecting the initial uncertainty of the character she sings about. Yet, as the choruses build with the almost desperate need to speak out, Renae unleashes her vivid voice, letting it blossom with this crescendo of emotion.

“Behind the fear are reasons why

You feel afraid to just give it a try

To you it’s still hard to breathe…”

Anna Renae has composed a relatable tale of anxiety in “Speaking Her Mind”, crafting an arrangement that fully embodies the vulnerability of being young, one that is sure to enchant new listeners.

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About Anna Renae

Anna Renae is a pop/folk singer-songwriter, weaving musical stories inspired by life’s complexities. Having roots in Lancashire and Northumberland, Anna graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2017 with a First Class BA (Hons) degree in Popular Music.

Her debut album ‘Skin’ was released on 20th March 2020 which features songs written between the ages of 13-21, telling stories that encapsulate many aspects of Anna’s teenage and early adult life. The album has received glowing reviews and has attained radio play around the world, including multiple plays on BBC Introducing.

Anna's new EP, 'Speaking Her Mind', consists of the last of her 'older' songs, telling tales of: teenage social anxiety; dysfunctional families; the flaws of fame; and looking back on past relationships from an older and more self-assured perspective. The EP is due for release on 1st October 2021

To learn more about Anna Renae, please visit her website.


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