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Anna Claire Loftis - 'Paper or Plastic'

Anna Claire Loftis is a unique singer-songwriter who strives to go skin deep with songs that explore worldly matters through sonically inspired minor keys and modes, She reaches for raw truths while offering up pop-driven melodies and heavy synthetic beats. Anna Claire has mixed emotions about her biblical upbringing. Originally from Montgomery, AL she grew up in a Southern Baptist Church that flaunted the warmth of open arms and the chill of non-inclusion. As Anna abandoned the charade of perfection, she was able to rediscover her faith, while also making the leap to Nashville.

On March 27th, she dropped the third song and title track off her EP, Paper or Plastic. "Paper or Plastic" perfectly captures Anna's socially conscious and intelligent, pop-driven music and message.

The song opens with an under-water type of synth that picks up on the song's melody. The track quickly comes into sharp focus with a stop-gap and an electronic swirl followed by the crisp drop of a beat marking Anna's entrance into the groove. Anna's vocals are pristine and radio worthy. "New backpack, six pack - Turn my phone off. Drown out all my problems - Pretending I don’t have none. Teacher don’t know my name. My friends they call me magic. Now you see me, now you don’t. Paper or Plastic?"

The exciting production of "Paper or Plastic" is through the roof as the song blooms with layers of textures, musical change-ups, and rhythmic surprises that keep your ears locked in. Get ready to enter a state of the art audio awe. The groove is pronounced by a crisp drum beat and an electronic horn-like section that sounds funky. Vocally, listeners can only hold on for the ride as Anna slips in nuance after nuance of effects, background vocals, and mesmerizing details that keep you glued.

"Paper of Plastic" brings up images of a shopping lane checkout after purchase. The song explores materialism and desire in a world where our self-esteem is bought and bagged up. And who is the king of this world? Is it the fast food joints, the shopping stores, the pusher of materialism? And what are the results? Anxiety? Or, the inability to see people for who they are. Is a kid known for the brand of his backpack or for his personalty? "Teacher don't know my name." The chorus to "Paper or Plastic" comes in with a magical "Poof" and lights up the track with it's catchy hook. The lyrics show how in an instance a person's confidence can be wiped out by a world that judges books by their covers.

Poof went the lights. / Poof went my confidence. /Fast food, fast cars - Don’t feel like I was made for this. /Out of control, God where do I go now? / Hungry for a word - Mana dropping like it’s burnt. / The king looked at me and said. “Paper or Plastic.”

In "Paper of Plastic" Anna Claire Loftis proves that she is so much more than pop singer-songwriter. She is an artist in every single sense of the word. Her lyrics are deep and intelligent giving you substance to sip on. Her music is intricate and intelligent, giving you a track you that the most discerning ears can appreciate. And her vocals are filled with thoughtful nuance, giving you a performance that moves you.

If songs had to be bagged up in paper or plastic, Anna's song would be put into paper as there is nothing plastic or artificial or disposable about this artist. Paper bags can be recycled and in "Paper or Plastic," you will want to listen over and over again.

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For more information on Anna Claire Loftis, visit her website.


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