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Anker - "Alone in The Dark"

Review by Patrick Joseph

“Alone in the Dark” has beautiful propulsion to it. This is a song with edge and depth. Energetic rhythm section performances lay an excellent foundation for expressive melodies and fascinating sonic textures. Anker delivers a charismatic vocal performance, and the song is undeniably catchy. Listeners will love the ever-progressing flavor of this song.

Lyrically, “Alone in the Dark” pays respect to loss and challenging times.

“I’m not gonna think of what I had years ago, I don’t wanna keep getting hit so hard, I don’t wanna be alone in the dark.”

The inspirational sound of the music contextualizes these lyrics in an uplifting light.

“Pushing out the pain that everyone breathes, Pushing out the pain that everyone screams.”

Anker’s expressive vocal track brings these lyrics to life.

The arrangement of “Alone in the Dark” is intricate and compelling. The opening groove is so strong that listeners will “buy-in” to the song. The chorus is powerful, and the synth layers elevate the music. Anker’s performance is engaging and sincere. This is well-written music that is expertly executed—heartfelt rock music with an emotional depth…well done.


About Anker

Anker's music exists in 2 creative worlds. Anker is a solo acoustic rock act in the live setting. In the studio, he creates full-band music that spreads across labels such as Americana or modern rock. In order to get both right, he rehearses regularly for his 2 biggest critics, rescued pitties Harrison & Karmella. Their canine instincts always point to a great song.

Anker has been an opening act for Vinny Martell (Vanilla Fudge), Richard Barone (The Bongos) & also opened for a "Words & Music" evening with Darryl McDaniels (RUN-D.M.C.). Anker has what it takes to entertain a diverse audience & be a fine representation of indie-charm.

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