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Andrea Plamondon- La Vergine Degli Angeli

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

Plamondon delivers a riveting performance of Giuseppe Verdi's “La Vergine Degli Angeli.” Her controlled yet expressive nature is intricate and stylized. Highly trained and ever competent, Plamondon’s artistic choices become pronounced through her effective and powerful touch. The music seems to come alive under the beautiful direction of the artist, who paints with a courageous stroke and breathes life into this wonderful music.

The lyrical nature of this piece is conveyed sensitively and with a great finesse. This classic work of art is shown a compassionate angle though Plamondon’s interpretation, which is as strong as it is vulnerable. The inspiring nature of the work is translated with conviction and authenticity. The overall effect of this music is believable and relatable even to new listeners of the operatic style.

Listeners will be blown away by the dynamic range and emotional depth that Plamondon delivers. The more fragile elements of the piece are exposed in perfect tranquility while the thunderous dynamic peaks are exhilarating and energizing. Andrea Plamondon will certainly be a fan-favorite with this fresh take on a classic work. Her performance is highly commendable, and the music is simply breathtaking.


An operatically trained genre bender, whose work has been described as "diverse, atmospheric, and compelling”, Andrea Plamondons’ journey took her through art school, the band scene, theatrical productions, seven cross country hitch hiking trips, and a BA in Poetics until she found her calling in music.

The artist has been nominated for a W.A.M. Award, entered in the Grammy nomination ballots, and has also received BWHs’ awards for best Songs of 2019, and Best Female artists of 2020.

For more information on Andrea Plamondon, please visit her website.


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