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Aj Raggs - "We Were The Band"

Review by April Kranz & Staff

Now, I am a gigantic pop-head. I absolutely love pop. Top 40’s, indie, dreampop, bedroom pop, art pop, you name it, I will listen to it. That isn’t to say, I’m not picky about the pop I listen to. The same thing goes for rock. As a New York native, I take specifically pop-rock incredibly seriously. We cherish it as a staple of our musical culture, and just about every band in my neck of the woods writes along the lines of pop-rock. Pittsburgh’s own AJ Raggs, fortunately, has not only impressed me with his writing, but with his ability to make it feel fresh while staying in pop rock's traditional parameters. Co-written/produced by Carrie Cunningham, "We Were The Band" will get you feeling like a Rockstar in no time.

Starting with distorted vocals and guitar, we buildup into a heartfelt first verse, where our singer thanks his partying partner-in-crime for changing his pace. Our pre-chorus starts off with another buildup, entering the room with grandeur, and we explode into our catchy chorus proclaiming just who the center of attention is. Our second verse begins, and Raggs makes plenty of fun references to make any fellow pop-head dance (can you spot them all?) before rocking into the pre-chorus and chorus again. With a chanting group vocal bridge, another pre-chorus ensues softly before we get a quirky yet memorable vocal sample (“Houston, we found the problem!”). Finally, the song explodes into its fun finale, ending loud and proud.

"We walk into the party cool like Ken and Barbie, People crowded like we pulled up in a Ferrari Brighter than the stars, higher than the moon! The moment we entered the room

We were the band (whoa, whoa, oh, oh) We were the band (whoa, whoa, oh, oh)”

Raggs’ words, the song represents “… a love that feels like a constant party - one with an infectious energy follows you wherever you go together!” We Were The Band" is positively infectious so grab that special someone and give this hit bop a listen! If you’re in the Pittsburgh or Nashville areas, keep an eye out for AJ and his shows/releases.

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About AJ Raggs

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, pop artist-writer, AJRaggs, Angelo Ragghianti, has been performing for over 15 years. From the time he was 8 years old, AJ loved to sing. He dreamed of becoming a professional singer and those dreams are beginning to take shape.

AJ plays piano and acoustic and electric guitars with a live looper pedal, and performs year-round as a member of the Schola Cantorum at Most Precious Blood of Jesus Parish in Pittsburgh’s North Side, at weddings, funerals, restaurants, retirement living homes, private clubs, bars, and church festivals in the Pittsburgh, and Nashville, TN areas. AJ also writes and co-writes his own music, as well as some songs for other artists. Currently he studies singing with Mindy Pack, who has previously worked with Justin Timberlake, Charlie Puth, Shawn Mendes, Halsey, Miley cyrus and more! Some of his influences are Nick Jonas, Ed Sheeran, Tori Kelly and Jason Mraz.


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