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222Unique - 'Flex On Me'

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

Haters are going to hate no matter what, so it’s best to flex on them like 222Unique does in her new single “Flex on Me.”

"Flex On Me" has a lot to flex about. The song commences with an intense electronic motif. Soon, textures are layered upon the motif that keeps the intro moving forward. A slow buildup, like a ticking clock, of electronic and melodic riffs and rhythmic elements lead listeners straight to the hook. The simple lit trap beat comes in hot with deep booming bass.

222Unique's rapid rap flow, similar to Twista’s, has an Ebon flow because each line moves seamlessly right into the next with expert timing, control and articulation. The doubled vocals and background vocals echo the lead creating a static vocal effect. The execution of the arrangement and production is innovative and poppin'. The modern hip-hop beat with raspy and pressed vocals gives the song it's edge and dynamic quality.

222Unique lays it down and tells her story. “Flex on Me” is about building yourself up with the energy of resilience which can motivate you to be successful. 222Unique dives deep into her struggles, and now she's on top it. Don’t bother with people who don’t understand your hustle and drive. Some people will never respect your craft. And, to those people, you have to flex.

“Came up out of the mud,

Grew up in the struggle

Had to make a way, going through the hustle

Know that they’re going to hate you,

No matter what these n***a going to judge you

Flex on them they don’t know you, Flex on me I’m uh show you.”

222 Unique projects power and fierceness in her music. She delivers each line with immense energy and fire. “Flex on Me” will hype you up and fuel you up to go hard in life. Her artistry is layered with self-motivation and focused by her fury. She has power and strength in her words that will continue to move people. There’s no doubt that 222Unique is a genius, and she will become the next household name in hip hop.

About 222Unique

Hailing from Oxford, Mississippi, 222Unique is a rising name in hip hop music. A 2020 Best Rap/Hip Hop Award winner at the incomparable Independent Music Awards, as well as an award winner for her lively interview on Endie Fiya web radio station, 222Unique is in a class all on her own. Song like "Made For", "Party", and "Beast" have taken this driven artist to the top of the independent music ladder. She's been compared to Lil Boosie, Mo3 and Twister.

222Unique's debut E.P , self-titled 222Unique is set to drop in July. 222Unique has lyrics, puns, metaphors and storytelling abilities that will get you out of your seat, on your toes, and keep your mind on her music for years to come.

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